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Hi! I’m Martie Pineda,  I blog about Lush Living!  I love  to advocate lush wellness and lifestyle,  because I believe that everyone has the right to live and love a fabulous and lush lifestyle – 

Living lush is not about wealth and affluence but more about an attitude of grace and abundance!  Lushness is about enticing the senses! Lushness can be created by placing a single, perfect rose in a repurposed wine bottle on the breakfast table! Voila! You now have effortless lush beauty, color, dimension, fragrance and nature! 

Martie Pineda’s Professional Bio

Lush lifestyle coach Martie Pineda helps prime-aged men and women who are waking up from a tired, coma-like existence to amp up their lifestyle with sustainable and fabulous lushness from delectable eating to sumptuous sanctuaries to lush international adventures! 

Martie believes that the appreciation and attention of the little things is the fundamental basis for creating a lush lifestyle! Awareness and learning to view seemingly mundane and ordinary things with a fresh new eye is a gift that Martie encourages and teaches. With her design and wellness background and her creative and artistic style and innate love of beauty Martie helps recreate dull existences into an opportunity to break out of the mold and burst into technicolor lush living and a lush lifestyle! And thats why they call her “The Queen of Lush Living!”

Martie ran a successful health and wellness and lifestyle coaching practice before relocating to Thailand. Before that she was the principal of her own international design firm.  She has been a frequently asked guest speaker on different lifestyle topics.  She is the author of the best selling lifestyle book, “It’s the Little Things: 99 Ways to Create Joy, Health and Happiness!”  In another life Martie was also the event planner and residence manager for the US Ambassador in Mexico City, planning and executing the logistics for huge gala events at the residence for international dignitaries. 

These days Martie and her husband Jerry split their time between their home base in Thailand and the US and travel extensively in between delighting in different cultures and relishing different foods from around the world! Martie devotes her time and passion to helping people create their most lush lifestyle possible by modeling and sharing her secrets through blogging and vlogging. Her other passion is holistic wellness and she has a couple of online businesses  keeping her passion fueled for adding value to peoples lives! 

It’s The Little Things

Little Thing #1

Listen to the little voice,the quiet, little voice deep down inside of you, that is constantly trying to give you guidance. You know the one, the quiet, little voice that gets drowned out by the loud and chaotic machinations of daily life. So often, this little knowing and wise voice has no power because we give it away to our friends, family and the media. Slow down, be still and know that you are the ultimate wisdom in your life.

After a successful career in interior design, a sampling of the diplomatic life, and running my own natural products business I yearned for something different.  After a consultation with my chiropractor I began entertaining the idea of health coaching. And within the year I was enrolled at the Integrative Institute for Nutrition, and on my way to becoming a best selling author.  My book “It’s The Little Things! 99 Ways to create joy, health & happiness” was written while I was in coaching school.  It was a culmination of very basic things to help people on their way to creating more health, happiness and joy, kind of a lifestyle coach in a book! I purposely kept it very simple and easy. Sometimes the idea of making changes or improvements can seem daunting and discouraging.  My methodology about health and wellness and lushness is that is needs to be simple and easy. And broken down into easy doable steps! 


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