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The Gel

I first heard about the Gel from a friend of mine who is a women’s hormone health coach. She had recommended the gel for a hormonal imbalance that I was dealing with. On researching the product I learned that it had Human Growth hormone in it, and that it had the potential to rebuild bone and muscle mass. Because of my degenerated right hip, I had diminished bone and muscle mass, and was diagnosed with osteopenia. The precursor to osteoporosis. After doing my due diligence on osteoporosis I learned the bleak facts about it, there is basically not a lot of recourses. But here miraculously was an answer to my prayers! And thats not all, the Gel is made in a botanical base in a homeopathic formula! And it is formulated with thyroid and adrenal glandular’s to help support these organs that are commonly depleted in most people.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven stumbling across something so amazing!!

My results have been incredible. From enjoying deep, restful sleep, to my thick and lush hair, to increasing muscle strength and stamina, mental clarity, focus and incredible mood optimization! It is absolutely a life changer! I recently had a physical and almost all my markers are back in the normal range! The transformation in my body is astounding-I love it and I love to help people to experience their own personal awesome benefits!

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