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Who knew that there is still something exotically LUSH about pancakes?!? And then to find them in Thailand!

One day we were walking back from my medical clinic and we happened on this street sign advertising what looked like dessert pancakes. They were strangely thick and airy looking, fluffy and golden and embellished with caramelized bananas, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a few fresh strawberries and blueberries…divine!

It didn’t take much to coax us in to sample the lush looking treat as we are always up for a lush adventure! Once inside there were a few more lush-ious choices! My joy-mate and I couldn’t decide on which one we wanted most, so we ordered two! He ordered the strawberry cheesecake version with whipped cream cheese, strawberries, ice cream and strawberry sauce. I on the other hand was fixated on the picture out front, bring me those amazing looking caramelized bananas! Ha! I loooovvvee bananas! All the more caramelized with burnt sugar and whipped cream!

The lovely Thai girl took our order and quickly went into the petite kitchen behind the curtains. It is a simple operation, there is a counter of course, a few bistro type tables and chairs and the tiny kitchen where they pretty much just prepare these heavenly pancakes.

There are several recipes for these pancakes that originated in Japan as far as I know. And some of the more elaborate ones have a special Japanese mayonnaise in them that adds to the creaminess and fluffiness. The first time I attempted to make them I actually purchased this fancy fluff maker mayonnaise.

I have to be honest here, these are not your typical pancakes and they take a bit of practice to get them to look and taste as good as the ones in the Fuuui Cafe. Some people even go so far as to make a mold to make sure they are all perfectly round and symmetrical. Although mine were edible thanks in part to the yummy toppings they lacked that oh so important presentation appeal.

I think that even though I love to cook and try new things I will leave this beautiful experience for a special date with my joymate and enjoy the exhilarating fanfare of the presentation…and of course the incredible taste!

Blueberry Dream
Strawberry Frost

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