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Introducing Kangen Water!

We first learned about the kangen water when I was struggling with inflammation in one hand and it wouldn’t respond to anything! When I tried the water within 10 minutes the inflammation was gone! I knew then that there was something incredibly miraculous about this water! One year later, unbeknownst to me I had Lyme disease that had gone undiagnosed for about a year. I believe that because I was drinking Kangen water I did not suffer some of the more dire inflammatory symptoms of Lyme disease. 

Around this time I began to understand some of the other amazing uses of the different ph waters! I learned that 2.5 ph highly acidic water is amazing for killing all kinds of pathogens, including MRSA and E coli. 6.0 Ph is called beauty water because it is the most optimal thing to bring balance to all kinds of skin issues.  8.5 to 9.5 ph is alkaline water and it helps to alkalize the body for optimal health. 11.5 ph water is highly alkaline and it is an incredible solvent and cleans almost anything without a drop of chemicals-your face, hair, laundry, dog, car, upholstery, dishes, floor tile, bath tile, oven, any and all greasy messes! And of course cooking with Kangen water will completely transform your food! Coffee is taken to a whole new stratosphere when prepared with kangen water.

We love our Kangen because it not only is the best water in the world to drink but it is the best water for the world, saving tons of plastic bottles from the landfills!

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