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Lush Eating

As a holistic health and lifestyle coach and card carrying foodie, I am acutely aware of food and eating. I LOVE TO EAT GREAT FOOD! And I also love to cook and create not only fabulously scrumptious food, I absolutely insist that it be nutritionally dense and also look amazing and beautiful! And so I have made it my business when we travel to find fabulous and fascinating places to eat and enjoy and explore the intricacies of different cultural foodie experiences! At home I experiment with lots of different recipes and techniques, always keeping it simple, because while I love to eat and prepare good food, my philosophy about food is that it should be minimally processed…even in the preparation of it. My joy mate and I have been privileged to enjoy many a meal in many different countries and restaurants including sidewalks on the street perched on stools with our knees peeking over the table! All of it an amazing and lush adventure!

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