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Lush Travel

The whole premise of “LUSH” came from an experience in our early adventures in Europe, specifically Venice. When people hear of Venice, the pictures that crop up are certainly the gorgeous canals and gondolas and of course St Mark’s square to be sure! Our experience was that and a bit more of a comedy of errors adventure! While walking lost in Venice at 2 am, in soft drizzling rain, my joy mate and I made a pact that from now on we would only embark on “Lush” adventures and we create them that way no matter what! That is what we will share with you here at Lush Living! That no matter the amount of money you spend it is not going to determine the outcome of your travel adventures. What we will teach here is that Lush comes in many different packages, addresses and culinary experiences and we will share all of that here at Lush Travel!

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