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It’s the Little Things!

I wrote this book when I was attending The Institute of Integrative Nutrition for health coaching. It came out very organically from a place of wanting to be of service. All my life I have been a sharer, and I love to help people in any way that I can. So when I put my life experience and knowledge together with what I learned at health coaching school I came up with a simple manual on how to create a more healthy, happy and more joyful life based on what my experience was.

The book is written super simply on purpose. It was intended to make the reader want to continue to read it and keep it close by for easy reference. I didn’t want my reader to be put off by something so complicated that is would deter them from trying the little things that could potentially help them turn their health and life around. “The Little Things” are all the things that make our world go round at the end of the day.

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