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Several years ago when I wrote my book, “It’s The Little Things! 99 Ways to Create Joy, Health & Happiness, I wrote it from the perspective of not only a holistic health coach, but from my own experiences as a relatively happy person.

At the time, I didn’t really look at the clinical research behind the benefits of “making your bed”, I added it to the list of 99 because I innately “knew” that it was something that would add value to someone’s life if they started implementing this behavior or activity into their daily routine.

Fast forward to the now. I recently offered a 10 day workshop and one session was actually called “Make Your Bed”. And while the activity of “making your bed” was the actual challenge the premise behind it was so much deeper and richer than just the actual activity or even the benefits associated with the made bed. It goes deeper into how that activity creates a ripple in your life. A ripple of organization and calmness and orderliness. A ripple that starts to pervade other areas of you life.

Maybe it doesn’t start to create joy, health or happiness immediately but it will definitely start to create some awarenesses that things are shaping up in a positive direction. I have not read the Admirals book on “Make Your Bed”, but I am relatively certain that we are going to have some common thoughts on why its a good “Little Thing” to incorporate into your life. If nothing else, if your day starts to unravel the way sometimes our days have a tendency to do, at least you would have started the day with having accomplished at least one positive and productive thing! A nice tidy, fresh bed to climb into at the end of your day!

A Little Thing That Can Change Your Life

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